There are certain cases where a first phase of Orthodontic Treatment (preventive/Interceptive Orthodontic Treatment) is required at the age of 6-8 years.  First phase treatment aims to the prevention or the interception of a developing orthodontic problem and to the improvement of the oral environment prior to permanent teeth eruption. In many instances, a first phase Orthodontic Treatment is the only one needed. In other instances, in order to achieve ideal results, a second phase is needed after 2-3 years. Even if that is the case though, the benefits of early intervention are remarkable, such as:

Improving jaw relationship at a young age, therefore taking full advantage of the growth potential

Achieving face symmetry through growth modification

Significantly reducing the risk of trauma/fracture of protruding front teeth

Reducing the need for permanent teeth extraction for orthodontic purposes

Reducing total treatment time with fixed orthodontic appliances (braces)

Creating space for permanent teeth in case of early primary tooth loss and avoiding future crowding

Preventing periodontic problems/gum recession

Minimizing jaw or teeth discrepancies that are caused by habits such as prolonged thumb or pacifier sucking.

Ορθοδοντική για παιδιά

In the majority of cases orthodontic treatment initiation coincides with permanent teeth eruption. Usually, that happens at around ages 10-14 depending on the type of the orthodontic problem and the degree of dental and skeletal maturation of the child.

Most children at that age still have growth potential that will allow the orthodontist to effectively influence and guide jaw growth, and to correct therefore existing skeletal problems such as a narrow upper jaw or a protruding upper or lower jaw.

At that age, adolescents can easily adjust to orthodontic appliances, demonstrating good patient cooperation since orthodontic appliances are well accepted by their peers.

In adolescents, metal braces, clear-invisible braces, Invisalign Teen or lingual braces (Incognito, Win, etc.) can be used.

Ορθοδοντική για εφήβους

Orthodontic treatment is not just for kids anymore! Adults can greatly benefit from orthodontic treatment, improving their personal appearance and self esteem. Orthodontic problems, such as crooked teeth and/or a bad bite can contribute to periodontal problems, tooth decay, jaw disorders (TMJ dysfunction) and abnormal enamel wear. Through orthodontic treatment tooth and gum health improvement is achieved.

Sometimes in adult patients, there is a need for minimal orthodontic intervention, aimed to either fix specific esthetic concerns, that usually involve the front teeth, or in adjunction to other dental treatment (periodontal, restorative etc.).

The good news is that with the new techniques and appliances there are now very esthetic choices for orthodontic treatment. Your options may include clear-invisible braces, lingual braces (Incognito, Win, etc.) and Invisalign aligners.

During the initial examination, we will be able to determine the best possible treatment for your individual needs. During that first visit, we can discuss the treatment plan, time of treatment expected and the approximate cost.

Ορθοδοντική για ενήλικες